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Vision 2020



Vision 2020 grants funded under NCLB Title II, Part D Enhancing Education Through Technology will focus on the best practices from earlier pilots implemented within the state of Texas educational technology arena such as the Virtual School Pilot (VSP) and the Technology Immersion Pilot (TIP).

The Technology Immersion Strand within the Vision 2020 grant will immerse all students and teachers at a particular grade level on one or more campuses or all students and teachers on an entire campus. The Virtual Learning Strand will center on building capacity to participate in the state Texas State Virtual School Network (TxVSN) and provide students opportunities to take online courses through the network. The Vision 2020 grants will accelerate implementation of the Long-Range Plan for Technology 2006-2020. Charting the course for educational technology through 2020 requires systematic planning and step-by-step strategies implemented over time to make the vision a reality.  

For additional information, contact:

Educational Technology Department
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